Have You Ever Wondered What Those Purple Boxes in The Treetops Are?

In recent years, as we have driven around Schroon and surrounding towns, we have often wondered what those bright purple triangle boxes were hanging in the trees. But our wondering ceased after reading the terrific, new publication, The Pearl, published by the East Shore Schroon Lake Association. The Pearl, could be a magazine with its rich and informative content, which you can find a link to right here.

So, drum roll please, here is the answer, many of us have wondered about -- courtesy of the Pearl.:

They are traps for the Emerald Ash Borer. This invasive bug has infested numerous Northeast and Western regions and has caused the death of 50 million trees in the U.S. since its discovery in Michigan in 2002. Be on the lookout for firewood transported from other regions. Also, the Asian Long Horned Beetle, discovered in NYC, 1996, is another destructive invasive bug that is easily transported by firewood from contaminated regions. It has caused widespread damage to hardwoods in New York’s parks.