The Great July 2013 Blackout: The Aftermath

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While The Great Blackout of July 2013, may have been an inconvenience for some, it also had a direct economic hit on local businesses.

Besides the lost revenue, restaurants like Mr. O’s Mountain Smokehouse lost their entire refrigerated inventory. From co-owner Shelby Davis:

The good news is the power is back on. The bad news is our meat cooler didn't come back on with the power and we lost all our meat inventory. We will be closed Wednesday & Thursday to get our meat orders in and get everything run through the smoker. We will reopen on Friday or Saturday.

We wish Shelby and Chris all the best as they go about their big clean up and the days ahead as they try and makeup for lost revenue.

For most, the power was out from around 4.30 pm and depending where you lived, came back around 12.30am.

At least 2,227 customers were without power, in a wide area, from the south passed Witherbees Carriage House, well to the north in North Hudson.

While folks have been joking online that “squirrels” are to blame, we have a call into National Grid to fin out what happened.

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