Lions Serving Steak: A Schroon Tradition

The tireless volunteers  who are Schroon Lions, do much to enhance our community. And every year there’s a social gathering where you can meet these local heroes up close and personal.

It the Annual Lions Prime Rib Dinner, and, according to Vice-President elect, David Bruce, it’s a chance for  the club members “ to serve  the citizens of our community” as waiters and waitresses at the October 25th event at Witherbee’s Carriage House.

“The club is only as successful as the people who  are involved with the club, and the people who support the club. This is a chance for the club members to support the community. It's a chance for Roger and Joel Freedman, Pete Siegel and myself, for all of our members to serve you”

This year’s dinner is also the opening day of hunting season.

“Dinners to-go for all of those tired hunters who might just like to grab a meal and head home. I think a lot of good-will generated by this event.

David says the club is always looking for new members, and the prime rib dinner is a good way for prospective members to learn about the work of the Schroon Lions

“We have lost some of our Charter Members in the last couple of years. The club started back in the 40s, and some of those original members are going by the wayside. We've got a wonderful new pool of retirees moving to Schroon Lake. We have a tremendous potential and opportunity with some of our newer members. There’s a lot of new blood, a lot of excitement. We continue to strive to do whatever it is we can do to improve Schroon Lake, the quality of Schroon Lake living  and the  experience in Schroon Lake.

David said the club is on the lookout for new ideas.  Would some of the new events potentially involve more wintertime activities, we asked.

“Wintertime activities, of course, as you know we have lost out on the snowmobile drag races. We did have some ideal winter activities that have fallen by the wayside for numerous reasons. We're in the planning stages of some new ideas, utilizing the great resources available here in Schroon Lake. Our beachfront is one of the nicest beachfronts in all of the Adirondacks”