Job Sharing Coming to Schroon Lake Central School?


Bob believes that combination works well for a couple of reasons.

“I'm sure dollars is the first thing that popped into some people's mind, but the dollar difference is not tremendous. While it is a difference and it's something that we as a board have to consider, it's not, I don't think it's the driving force.

“If there were tens of thousands of dollars difference, it might be another case. Several people made comments too about how teachers really need, especially in this day and age with the teacher evaluation model that's been sent down from the state, and Common Core, and all the other things, teachers really need a person in the administrative position who they can count on to have their back, and the school and the kids.

“Actually, that then translates into good things for the kids too, but the kids also need someone who is focused on them, and the curriculum. The duties of a superintendent are really removed from that, so there were comments to that effect as well.  There was one person who right near the end spoke in opposition, pretty much said that he thought that the cost estimates for hiring a principal were too low. 

“I don't think the figures he quoted were really accurate based on the research we've done, but in any event, that was his opinion, and that that would only get more expensive, and ... I don't remember.  There were a couple of other things, but everyone else was fairly positive.

How difficult would it be to find a part time retired superintendent?  Bob says research has shown there is a viable pool of retired superintendents.

The board will vote next Tuesday, October 23. No matter what option wins, the board will be soon looking for a new principal.

(Polunci will serve as the interim superintendent at Schroon Lake Central School for the 2014-15 school year).

“Tenure law applies to that position, so anyone we hired in that position would undergo a three year probationary period.  At the end of that, if there are no difficulties or concerns, they'd be given tenure.  Tenure doesn't lock a person into the job.  It really just assures due process.”

Tenure does not apply to the position of retired part time superintendent.