An Expanded Town Hall: A New Court and Larger Library

   Front View of the proposed Town Hall expansion on the right side of the building.

Front View of the proposed Town Hall expansion on the right side of the building.

The Town of Schroon Town Hall may soon have a new spacious, renovation with a new courtroom and expanded library.

Town board members recently passed a resolution to approve getting the specs drawn, Town Supervisor Mike Marnell told Schroon Laker.

“We have to have the design, the engineering done,” Mr. Marnell said. “Then go to bid”.

Under the proposed plan, which calls for a bump out on the right side of the building, the library would get more space on the upper floor and a new courtroom would be built on the ground floor.

Mr. Marnell said the room currently used as a courtroom would be converted to another meeting room.

“We're always shucking people around for different meeting. The current courtroom would be another meeting room, probably. The old office would be a storage room for his (The judge’s) files”

Will the taxpayers get stuck with footing the bill?

“Uh-huh, we have some (funds). We'll have to finance some. Front of the library we have some fund-raisers, and, of course, there's grants available for libraries, which are 25% matching, which is very good. They give $100,000; you won't have to pay $25,000.

“That's the library part, the court does have a program where we could get probably $30,000 a year for a couple years.

So there'll be no burden placed on the taxpayers of Schroon? Will you be raising taxes or not?

“No,” said Mr. Marnell.

The current Town building was constructed in 1978. Up until then the town shared space with the Fire Department in the old municipal building (across the street).

Mr. Marnell remembers those days well. “The old room was 15 by about 18 feet long, 15 feet wide.  This will be a big change"

   Rearview of the Town hall Expansion

Rearview of the Town hall Expansion