The Last Sail

   Copyright Marcia Tonner.2014. All Rights Reserved

Copyright Marcia Tonner.2014. All Rights Reserved

The above is a work of art that immediately caught our attention when we first laid eyes on it:  an amazing piece “painted” on an iPad by Marcia Tonner, a lover of Schroon Lake and an accomplished artist.

We learned from Marcia that she’s an artist exhibiting  in Connecticut and on Block Island.

“The sketches I have done of Schroon have been done on my iPad, haven’t planted my easel yet in the ground,” Marcia told us.

“It is impossible for anyone not to be moved visually by the seasons of Schroon and all the Adirondacks for that matter. I'm hooked!

Marcia has strong ties to Schroon. “My niece Heather Provancha lives in town and my brother lives out of town. I am a Connecticut resident who comes up a few times a year. I have been looking for a place to watch the lake more and see my great nephew grow.

“It's too bad there isn't a twelve-step group for Schroon Lake addictions for I have developed one.”

We couldn’t agree more.