#TBT on Friday: Schroon Lake Main Street 150 Years Ago


There's an amazing piece of Schroon Lake history up for grabs on EBay. It's a postcard from 1846 featuring the long gone Ondawa House Hotel.

More from the listing:

"... decorated for a Civil War parade celebrating Union victories. Two 35-star flags are visible. A building next to the hotel has a flag at the peak of the roof, floral festoons, a banner with the names of Union victories (Gettysburgh or Vicksburg, South Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, Savannah). There are wreaths and some sort of pictorial patriotic rosettes above the door frames. A banner suspended in front of the hotel has two eagles and is inscribed "Grant" and possibly "Sherman". Rows of wreaths are suspended from the balconies. Each wreath contains a portrait, but they are not discernible. Given the frame time, this could be the setting for a pro-Abraham Lincoln re-election parade but, given the general military emphasis, it is likely a pro-War, pro-Administration patriotic rally. L. J. Hurd of Salem, New York back mark. Trimmed at sides."