Railroads On Parade Lives On!!!


Chalk this one up to the little engine that could. According to Clarke Dunham, co-owner of Pottersville's prized miniature railroad attraction, the results of an auction Tuesday to raise funds to pay back an investor, had a very favorable outcome.  And there's talk that the display may return to it's New City roots as a Christmas tradition as early as 2015.

Those are the headlines from  a very cryptic Facebook posting by Dunham, the Tony Award winning set designer, published Wednesday night.(We'll have more on the story, soon).

"Just did an interview with the New York Times. I agreed not to discuss the exact figures (which are public knowledge in any case) out of respect to our now-former partner. So, we now currently own the two large exhibits (The Station and The Hell Gate Bridge) and we also have an agreement to purchase the other two (the 1939 Worlds' Fair and NYC Subways) by a December 20th deadline. The Prince Edward Island Exhibit still resides at Railroads On Parade and was not involved in the auction nor was the little Z Scale exhibit. We already owned all the artwork and former Citigroup artifacts in the lobby and hallways. Better yet, Railroads On Parade is now debt-free, and it is also now possible to take the whole project non-profit if that appears to be the best way to go. Stay tuned for the beginning of a KickStarter internet campaign to fund the future of Railroads On Parade AND to bring the Station Exhibit back to NYC each and every Christmas Holiday season starting next year. Not a bad day's work, all told. C.D."