The Pied Piper Is Back In Town

If Mark Piper looks a little happier tonight at Witherbee’s Open Mic, that’s because he’s just 48 back from a three week vacation – largely spent under the hot sun in  Hawaii. While he leaves behind 80 plus degree weather on the islands of Oahu and Kauai, be sure and give him a warm welcome tonight at Witherbee’s.

“The vacation was just the right amount of time,” Mark told us. “New islands and great weather. What more could you want.”

While Mark played his ukulele  several days on his vacation – and wrote a few lines – he says nothing coalesced into a new song.

“Sometimes you  come up with something that doesn’t bear fruit, but in the future you find those ten lines that you once wrote and you use it then.”

And to possibly match the weather outside right now, he will be playing The Witherbee’s Blues.