The Life Of A Schroon Farmer


There’s never a dull moment for Schroon’s farmers – just ask Anna Bentley Hay. Last week Anna performed an animal rescue of sorts, when she discovered four month old Daisy, on her side in the barn, having a tough time surviving the cold.

From Anna: “Wondered if she wasn't drinking enough with her water freezing so quickly. She seems a good weight.”

So what to do? Why what any good farmer would do – let her warm up inside. And that's where Anna captured this adorable photo of Daisy, curled up just like your pet cat or dog.

“Once she warmed up by the stove she drank a ton… we had to tube feed her when she first came in and then she started to perk up and has since eaten hay and grain. She is holding her head up and is alert when she is awake. But not standing on her own yet”.

That was last week – today Daisy is alive and well, back in the barn and eating like a champ.