Schroon's Rosemarie Ritson

As many readers know, The Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce has a new executive director, Patrick Siler. In a letter published yesterday, Tony Kostecki, President of the Chamber, offers his heartfelt gratitude to Rosemarie Ritson, who has been the public face of the Chamber's Office on Main Street, for more than three decades. Schroon Laker wishes only the very best for Rosemarie, who has been an invaluable resource for our website, a fount on knowledge and wisdom, who offered us her support as we have grown over the last four years. Rosemarie, we look forward to seeing you around town.

From Tony Kostecki:

"After a year of thoughtful consideration the Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce board concluded that a full time executive director was needed to address the challenges of our local businesses, residents and visitors.

As a result of this decision, the position of office secretary was eliminated. Mrs. Rosemarie Ritson filled that position for over 30 years and assisted countless visitors in maximizing their enjoyment of our town and the surrounding communities. Her vast knowledge of local history and her passion for Schroon Lake cannot go unacknowledged, so I wish to offer the board’s and the town’s heartfelt thanks for her service and her support.

The chamber board is working to find the best way to express our gratitude to Rosemarie in a meaningful and permanent way, but for now, please accept this letter of thanks on behalf of the chamber board and the Schroon Lake community. Thank you, Rosemarie!"

Tony Kostecki, President, Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce