Schroon Winners in ADK Life Mag's Readers Choice Poll: Reaction and Buzz

There’s more reaction today from the winners in Schroon Lake who were named in the Adirondack Life Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards for 2014. The winners  -- named in the Mag's 2014 June issue, were simply stunned,  and very, very  happy about their awards and mentions.

Town Supervisor Mike Marnell was thrilled that the town did so well. "It's a great feather in our cap, for our little town. It's good for everybody."

Nancy Belluscio, owner of the Schroon Lake Tumble Inn B&B , named the Best B&B in all of the Adirondack Park, was over the moon. “It’s a real honor,” Nancy told Schroon Laker.

Asked why she thought readers of the magazine voted for the Inn?

“I think it is because we like to treat our guests as family and friends. We have a simple approach. We have kept the house in its original character.” (The Inn is in a beautifully restored 1870s farmhouse)

Other features that guests rave about are the hot tub (which gets a lot of use in the winter from skiers), the fluffy robes and the “No Lunch Breakfast”.

“We always serve two entrees, so there is something for everybody.”(Including meats from Oscar’s Smokehouse in Warrensburg.)

But we have a suspicion that it’s the extra mile (or miles) that Nancy takes to please her guests that makes this place special.

“We recently had guests that were on a gluten free diet so I drove up to Lake Placid and picked up some gluten free goods. So guests not only had the two entrees that day, but a gluten free one as well.”

Paul Mrocka, the founder of Paradox Brewery in Schroon, had no idea his brewery was the runner up in the Best Beer category until he read about it in

"It’s very exciting! Amazing! I didn’t even know there was a poll,” Paul told Schroon Laker today.

“We are very happy to be the runner up to a company that has been around since 1998 . (The Lake Placid Pub and Brewery). It’s a big deal. Everyone knows them. We’ve only been brewing beer for a few months in a little town”.

Over at the Schroon Lake Bed and Breakfast, co-owners Mark and Sharon Piper were ecstatic about their runner up honor in the B&B category.

“This is so cool. Mark and I are thrilled. I am so excited for our town of Schroon that people recognize us.,” co-owner Sharon Piper told us.

Sharon says their B&B  -- magnificently restored in the Victorian tradition -- has a unique appeal to many. “There are many generations that know and love the Schroon Lake Bed and Breakfast, and it holds a special place in their hearts.

“Some of our current guests have known about us since they were kids.

"For example, for the last three years we have hosted a reunion of a group of campers from the 1960s . We have a lot of nostalgia in the B&B, not to mention that Mark’s scones don’t hurt either.”

Congrats to all of the winners. Tell us what you think, in comments.