Missing Something?

As large sections of the lake start to "ice out ",  that means the return of a couple of things, high water levels and our regular Spring Feature: Lost & Found.

This feature chronicles what's washed ashore on homeowners beaches, or another way to look at it: "Gee, I guess I didn't secure my: (insert floatable object here) as well as I thought I did last fall."

We hear from Jane Smith about the first of those floatables that have escaped.From Jane:

"Happy Spring, The lake and river are pretty high with the snow melt and rain.  The first identified floating object was found near the Blue Sky beach (?) on East Shore Drive.  It’s a blue 10’ kayak....respond to this email if you think it’s yours. Remember, if you’ve not already done so, secure what you can and put contact information on it....small boats, dock parts, etc.   And when (and if) the ice goes out be careful on the water".

We like Jane's advice. If you have found or lost something, shoot us an email at schroonlaker@me.com.