Lake Alligators

  Photo By Stephen Bowers

Photo By Stephen Bowers

With  the ice out on our area lakes – many folks have one thing on  their minds: boating.  But for those eager to get into the water – beware of what floats beneath. We are referring to the assorted detritus that will be floating just on top – and just below -- the surface of the water.

We call them “Lake Alligators” and they range in size from small branches to huge logs:  as seen washed up on the boat launch in a photo taken by Stephen Bowers. They can at the very least, bang up your hull, or cause problems with your prop.

If you able to safely bring a log on board, do so as a courtesy to your fellow lakers

So take it easy out there. Make sure your boat is equipped with flares and that you have you cell phone with you.