Schroon, Sunday at Dusk

From the SchroonLaker Drop Cam on Sunday. For a live view click here. Many folks have sent us emails about how our Dropcam works, and how expensive it is.The model of Dropcam we use costs $149.00. How does it work? It simply runs off your home's WI-FI system. We like the Dropcam system because the live feed is available 24/7, and can be viewed on our smart phones and computers -- from anywhere in the world!

It also sends you alerts when it hears sound and detects objects or movement. (Great for anyone -- as an affordable alarm system -- as well as second home owners who like to keep an eye on their place). For an additional fee you have access to a month's worth of video -- which is stored in the cloud!

You can order the camera here. The company has just released a new High-Definition version, which you can find here.