Pontooning on our Adirondack Lakes


The first boat we ever captained on Schroon Lake was a pontoon -- the year was 2006 and a young Craig Kennedy who had just purchased a stake in Schroon Lake Marina -- was our instructor.  For experienced pontooners you know there’s not much to learn. “Just stay away from the left side of Word of Life Island,” Craig told us. Back then the pontoon boats came with a tube – the case no more.

Thus began our love affair with pontoons, which we rented with regularity, until buying a Sea Ray 180,  to appease the lust for speed and water sports demanded by teenage sons.

As anyone who has ever taken a ride on a pontoon boat knows, t’s the equivalent of taking out your living room into the middle of the lake.

 Along with a bunch of coolers full of food and drink (and even a barbecue if you wanna get really fancy schmancy!) where you and up to as many friends the boat will safely hold, spend the day jumping into the lake, and having a terrific party!

So, with summer ever so close, we wanted to get all you pontoon boat fans into the mood with the above video, from the band Little Big Town. You can read the lyrics, here.