(Finally Stumps) #TBT Fans

Last week we asked you to name  as many business as you could in the above  photo – along with A challenge: tell us what Main Street/Route 9 was also known as back in the  1920s.

Two suggestions from MHM: "OLD STATE ROAD" - formally a stage coach path which extended from Pottersville. And: “I believe it was called “Friedman’s Freeway"

Ann Breen Metcalf:  In the really old days the route was called the Great Northern Turnpike. The only other name I know, from around the 1920's, is an expansion of what Larry said: "The Quebec-Miami International Highway: Appalachian Scenic Highway Federal Route U.S. 9." That name appears in an ad for the old Brown Swan Hotel.

Larry Boland: Rte. 9 was called the "New International Highway"

Well none of you correctly identified the answer we were looking for:  "The Rum Trail". Read more in our new, History and Fun Facts section.