Momma On A Mission

  Copyright 2014 Sharron Tyrrell. All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2014 Sharron Tyrrell. All Rights Reserved

"Momma On A Mission" is the title of a photo essay by Sharron Tyrrell, of a pregnant snapping turtle she captured today (with her camera), laying her eggs in an area on River Road. From Sharron:

“She was laying her eggs ... she always lays them in that area .. I walked her across the River Road and when I got back from town an hour later she was on the edge of the road laying her eggs”.

Sharron tells us she didn't pick up the turtle, who waddled acrosss the road when she approached.

Every June female snappers drag their hulks out of Adirondack watering holes, ponds and rivers looking for a nice sandy spot to dig and lay their soft-shelled eggs. So be careful as you are driving around the ‘Dacks, as this is the time of year you will most likely see them on the roads.

You can see more of Sharron’s photo essay here. Sharron also sells calendars of her amazing work. You can find out more by leaving a message with Sharron on her Facebook Page.