Who Is Looking Out For You?

Copyright Schroon Laker Collection

Copyright Schroon Laker Collection

With summer well and truly here – that, long, snowy and wet winter seems like eons ago. Now as seasonal camps are opening up, many a homeowner is finding what Mother Nature left behind as a welcome gift: at best, your place is safe and sound. On the other end of the spectrum, let’s hope that snow, ice and rain stayed out of your house and your pipes are just fine. For one area homeowner, the services of an experienced local company -- Adirondack Home Watch -- saved one family’s home and possessions with a quick intervention.  

From Lee F:

This past March/April we had Adirondack Home Watch (AHW) checking our home while we were in Florida on vacation. We received a call in early April advising that there had been an unusually heavy rain storm on top of several feet of recent snow causing severe local flooding. Our home was checked and they found water coming into our finished basement. AHW was able to stop additional water entry and moved all items which may have been damaged to a safe location. AHW then cleaned up the water and set fans to dry everything. Kathy (From AHW) assured us that everything was now fine and there was no reason to end our vacation early. When we returned home several weeks later the basement was completely dry and the only evidence that there had been a problem was the moved furniture and fans. Their quick action saved us what surely would have been thousands of dollars in damage.
Thank you Kathy and Adirondack Home Watch.

AHW is owned and operated by Kathy Hill, a native Adirondacker whose family has more than 35 years of experience and knowledge in residential building -- 27 of those years  as an independent residential contractor -- doing business from Adirondack NY.  Their company serves property owners on Schroon Lake, Brant Lake, Friends Lake and Loon Lake and the Northern Warren and Southern Essex Counties of New York.

“The main focus of our business is for first and second home owners here not to have any worries when they are away from their properties,” Kathy told us recently, when we bumped into her and her husband at the Paradox Brewery.

For more information, you can visit their website, by clicking here, and learn about all of the services AHW offer.