The Roller Coaster Ride At Schroon’s Town Park

Last week we reported the Town’s opposition to a plan from a community group to expand the playground equipment in the Town Park Above the beach.  The group was excited at the prospect of donations and free grant money proving up to $15,000 to buy  playground quality equipment. While the backers of the project say they had a lot of love for the project from many people in Town – organizers says they weren’t getting much support from the Town Board. You can read Town Supervisor Mike Marnell’s comments in our story here.

So we were a little shocked to see a pirate ship being installed in the playground by the Garden Time company this past Saturday. We saw the invoice showing Supervisor Marnell ordered the ship on April 22, 2014.  It sits at the top of the hill, feet from the chain link fence and steps away from the public restrooms.

What was not in our story last week was what Supervisor Marnell told us about how he had thought about the addition of a pirate ship to the playground, but had changed his mind because of concerns about it being “a target for vandals at night”.

So tonight's Town Board meeting should be an interesting one, when the grass roots group presents petitions and plans for their proposed playground expansion. We will have details about the meeting later.