Music in Schroon: Now 7 Days A Week

If you love music – then we are happy to report that it’s a 7 day a week deal in Schroon as of now. From Karaoke, to an Open Mic Night, rock and roll and an Acoustic Music Jam, greater Schroon is the place to be.

Tonight’s action takes place with Vinnie Leddick at Sticks and Stones and  Mark Piper’s Open Mic Night at Witherbee’s Restaurant. Here’s the run down:

Monday: Acoustic Jam at the Boat House 7pm – 10pm. Sponsored by The Schroon Lake Arts Council

Tuesday: Featured concerts at the Boathouse, details here, presented by The Schroon Lake Arts Council. Next Up Patchouli (August 5)

Wednesday: Jay Kline 6pm – 9 pm  @ Sticks & Stones and a band of fiddles at the Square Dance in the Town Park!

Thursday: Mark Piper’s Open Mic Night at Witherbee’s Restaurant

Friday: The Lawn Concert series @ Sticks & Stones. This week: Collette and the Mudcats, Witherbee’s features The Curt Cleveland Trio.

Saturday:  Witherbee’s features Curtis Becraft and Carla Lynne Hall with special guest Mark Piper. The Timberwolf  features Karaoke!!!

Sunday:  Witherbee’s features  Dylan Joseph