Scaroon Manor: The Rest Of The Story

Before Scaroon Manor was a New York state campground, and before it was a decaying wreck,  it enjoyed a long, illustrious history as a privately operated resort, with its own summer orchestra, dancing under the star and its the amphitheater hosting many famous entertainers.

In 1957 the movie Marjorie Morningstar  -- starring Gene Kelly and Natalie Wood  -- was filmed on the grounds of Scaroon Manor.

Guests enjoyed a variety of activities, which included golf, swimming, canoeing, boating, sailing, water skiing, bowling, handball, baseball, basketball under lights, tennis, hiking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding and roller skating.

So what was the actual experience like being there? This Sunday, Michael Weinberg will share his wealth of knowledge about life at Scaroon, where he summered each year from age 4 months to age 18.  

Michael’s uncle Joseph Freiber owned the resort until 1961. Michael’s presentation will be held at the Schroon-North Hudson Historical Society Museum this Sunday evening, (August 3rd)  at 7pm.