Breaking News: The Strand Has Been SAVED!!!!

Photo:  Emily Rossi-Snook:(left) and    Elena Rossi-Snook (right) in 2014 July 4th Parade. Copyright Schroon Laker Collection.

Photo: Emily Rossi-Snook:(left) and Elena Rossi-Snook (right) in 2014 July 4th Parade. Copyright Schroon Laker Collection.

We are thrilled to announce that the efforts of so many dedicated folks, young, old and everyone in between -- locals and those from afar -- has paid off. The Fund Raising Goal to convert Larry and Liz McNamara's Strand Theatre on Main Street into a digital facility has been met. Earlier this week Larry told us he was thrilled with news, and wanted to thank everyone involved in this magnificent effort.

From Save The Strand Committee leader, Emily Rossi-Snook:

I wanted to be one of the first to know the news that we have met the fund raising matching goal for the Strand Theatre. Yes, this wonderful, supportive community, through their generosity has made sure that the Strand Theatre lights will shine again and we will have our movies, our programs with other local organizations, our holiday parties for the little ones.

ANCA will put out an official press release shortly, but we received word just yesterday that our goal has been met; the Schroon Lake community has raised the required goal of  $40,000. Here are the specifics:

As soon as NYS releases the awarded grant money,  the customized screen will be designed and the equipment to accommodate the specifics of the Strand will be ordered. Realistically, this may take longer than any of us want, be we are hoping that this process moves along quickly.  In the meantime, the committee thanks the donors for their generosity, their support, and their positive energy.

I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful committee members who worked tirelessly all year; Elena Rossi-Snook who guided our way through the industry ins and outs and designed the logo, banner, shirts, mugs and the December fund raising program at the Strand; Lil Richardson who always has her finger on the pulse of the Schroon Lake community and  was always willing to ride a float, sit at a table, speak to an audience; Ann Breen Metcalf who so eloquently took care of the letter content and explained the details of the fund raising grant to the rest of us; Kate Rossi-Snook who managed the Facebook page. There were many supporters who ran their own events up and down Main Street. Thank you all so  much.
We would like all supporters of the Strand to assemble in front of the theatre on Saturday, August 16, at 12 noon for a celebratory photo; And if you have an "I Helped Save the Strand" t-shirt, please wear it! We would like as many supporters as possible in this photo! This should take only a few minutes.

With great appreciation,

Emily Rossi-Snook:

For Save the Strand Committee