Labor Day Fire Works: All Fired Up

For those wondering if the night skies will light up with FIREWORKS over the Labor Day weekend, we have great news for you: They are an official “GO”.

Town Supervisor Mike Marnell announced at the Schroon Lake Association Annual meeting on Friday that the town had agreed to the fireworks show, despite still not reaching the public fundraising goal. And that;’ where you come in. The town is a few hundred dollars short of raising all of the funds it needs, so any donation – big or small – is welcomed.

Please contribute by making checks payable to the Town of Schroon -please state for fireworks. The worst case scenario is if our goal is not met your check can be returned to you or the money can go for the 2015 fireworks budget. Bring your checks to Town Hall (Patty Savarie, Chris Stone or Mike Marnell) or to the Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce on Main Street".

So what do you say Schroon Lakers? Are we in? Tell us your thoughts in our comments section.

Where and When: The Schroon Lake Street Dance is set for Saturday August 30th from 7 PM until 9:30 PM on Dock Street.