Flying High (Or Sitting Pretty) In Schroon

Photo Slide Show: Pat Thorne. Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Once again the eagle eye of Pat Throne has captured the beauty that surrounds us daily. In the three photos above in our slideshow, Pat's patience has once again paid off, resulting in beautiful photographs. We are all blessed to be either part time, full time, or day tripper "Schroon Lakers". Once again, thanks Pat for sharing your gifts with us.

Here are Pat's descriptions of each photo:

Mergansers: Last week, after the thunder and lightning storm moved through, this flock of 30 young mergansers came by.  This youngster caught a small perch and some seaweed.  All juvenile mergansers look like the female merganser with the red crest.  Adult males have a dark green head and no crest. 

American Bittern: This American bittern was feeding at the side of the bank on Schroon Lake.  He is a small brown heron, with streaks of brown down his white throat and chest.  He stands about 23 to 34 inches tall.  He is a secretive bird and likes to freeze in position and  hopes his coloration will make him blend into the background.  In the spring, he makes a loud clunking noise.  Our oldest daughter told me recently,  she always thought it was someone hitting an empty barrel and not a bird making that loud noise.

Golden Finch: Wishing you a bright, sunny morning.  This little goldfinch was enjoying a breakfast of sunflower seed and thistle seed.  She fit right in with the Black-eyed Susan’s in the garden.

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