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The following report comes from ESSLA'S mini Pearl  -- an online newsletter. It is reprinted with permission of ESSLA.

By Vince Blando, ESSLA, Vice President

At 5 AM, Saturday, September 20th, with temperatures hovering in the high thirties, seven brave, and well clad ESSLA members reported for Steward duty at the southern boat launch on Schroon Lake.  The occasion was the Northeast Team Bass (NETB) tournament under the direction of Tracy Hanchett.   ESSLA’s  Steward Program Director,  Rich Nawrot, in the pitch black morning, illuminated by flashlights, handed out clipboards, pens, and instructions to his team consisting of Bill McGhie, Fred Eshelman, Ross  Schoembs Thad Smith, Matt Simpson, and Vince Blando.  Soon after, 33 boats, most of which were powered by 250 horse power engines, filled the launch area. 

The team spread out, in teams of two, and with illumination coming from miner cap lights and hand held flashlights, inspected all boats and trailers, including water storage compartments, for invasive hitchhikers.   Boat registration numbers and the last lake each boat visited prior to Schroon Lake were recorded.  The inspections went smoothly, the boaters were all cooperative, and by in large all the boats were extremely clean.  Only one invasive Eurasian Water Milfoil fragment was removed by our alert Town of Horicon Supervisor, Matt Simpson.  All boats were launched by 6 AM.  

This first day ended at 2 PM with recording of all catches.  The first day leader recorded a total weight of 17.37 pounds with the largest bass weighing in at 7.12 pounds.  The tournament was to continue for its second and final day at Lake Champlain and the winner to be announced for the $6500 prize.
All in all a job well done by the ESSLA team in keeping the lake clean.  Congratulations TEAM!   You all earned a well deserved snooze following the exciting, but early, morning surveillance.

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