The Leprechaun of Schroon Lake

If it’s St Patty’s Day  here in Schroon, it’s time to remind everyone about the Leprechaun of O’Schroon Lake. Legend has it that he once lived in the basement of the old Leland House Hotel many years ago, when it stood proudly atop the hill overlooking the Town Beach. But rumor has it that he now resides in a lean to at the top of Mt Severance. And if you don’t believe us, one of our readers, Seamus O’Callan, has this story to tell you:

"Yes, you youngsters, I have seen not only the leprechaun of Schroon Lake, but I saw him riding the Schroon Lake Loch Ness Monster --or at least our version of it. It was on a moonlit night, the great monster reared his long neck out of the water and there was the leprechaun a whoopin' and a whompin' with his legs clinging strong around the monster's neck, ridin' him like a bucking bronco. It was a dazzling sight.

I must add that this occurred on March 17 last year, after a day of celebratin the Irishness in me and all my family, and there's a wee possibility that my mind may have been a-clouded by a couple of bottles of Jameson's and perhaps some other breakfastory and lunchonesque imbibements. But I maintain that I saw what I saw, so let the record show it, and thus it is now writ".