Cinderella Comes To Schroon


We can’t think of a more wonderful way to welcome in Spring – following the adventures of a would be princess, as she battles to find and keep her prince.

For months now the actors and tech crew have been working their buns off to get ready for Schroon Lake’s Central School’s Spring Musicial: Cinderalla. Performances are Friday and Saturday night at 7pm. Congrats to vocal director Anita Masiello,celebrating her 8th production at SLCS.

The cast includes: Alyssa De Cesare, Grace Higgens, Chris Barror, Him, Danielle Ramirez, Lillian Slyman, Grace Higgins, Micheal Foote, Joseph Foote, Joseph Maisonville and Aiden Finnerty,  Lidia Vickery, Natalia Stout, Levi Williams, Molly Wisser, Ashlyn Lough, Dakota Gadway, Joelle Kowalka, Bryce Vallie, Jacob Beecher, Harrison Gereau, Emily Maisonville, Marcus Peace, Derrick Loiselle, Ruth Jabout, Brianna Berton, Victoria Buell,

The crew includes Michael Tracy with musical accompaniment, Kristin Stroebel as choreographer, set design by Brie Livingston and construction by Dennis Root. Sargent made the costumes and Root designed the lighting.