Schroon Lake Troopers Recognized For Their Service

Two New York State Troopers stationed at Schroon Lake were among 25 individuals the New York State Police Superintendent recognized at their annual awards day ceremony.

In March, of 2013 Troopers Marcia L. Pooler and Leston W. Sheeley  aided in the apprehension of 28-year-old Richard J. Aubin, of AuSable, after a high-speed car chase that ended in North Hudson. Here is what happened after the suspect fled, from the official police release:

"The vehicle came to a stop and the operator of the vehicle fled into a wooded area adjacent to the highway, with Trooper Pooler and Trooper Sheeley in foot pursuit. Trooper Sheeley reached the suspect first and was immediately engaged in a violent struggle.  Trooper Pooler arrived just as the subject began to overpower Trooper Sheeley, and she immediately attempted to take the suspect into custody.  During the ensuing struggle, the suspect attempted to remove Trooper Pooler’s Division-issued service weapon from her holster, at which time she warned Trooper Sheeley that the subject was gaining control of her sidearm. Trooper Sheeley, who was recovering from the subject’s violent attack, was able to draw his sidearm and shoot the subject, undoubtedly saving both of them from further serious injury or death. Pooler and Sheeley were recipients of the Superintendents Commendation Awards, selected from the many troopers who have received Letters of Commendation from the Superintendent recognizing their outstanding performance of duty and exceptional contribution to the New York State Police".  You can read more here, from ABC -10