A Floating Work of Art

They are possibly one of the finest canoes made, their beauty and practicality admired by enthusiasts across the country and around the world. We of course are talking about the Hornbeck Canoe, made right here in our backyard in Olmstedville.

And on your next trip to Sticks and Stones, check out the beauty above, as you shuffle on up to the bar.

Owners Steve Holmes and Gary Tromblee, who appreciate the finer things in life, came up with the idea to feature this vessel when a handmade canoe that hung in the same space was returned to the Gregson Family.

From Steve Holmes:

"We are extremely proud to display one of the finest vessels on the planet at Sticks & Stones. Come on in and check it out! The great folks at Hornbeck Boats have a 12' masterpiece hanging from the cedar rafters at right now. Or better yet head over to nearby Olmstedville where these magnificent boats are created!

 You can check out Sticks and Stones here, and Hornbeck Boats, right here.