Cheap Rainy Day Activities

As our area gets a dose  of what we like to call "Liquid Sunshine" here in the 'Dacks, we've got some ideas to keep the kids busy: on the cheap!

All it requires is a trip to what Schroon Insiders affectionately call the “Schroon Lake Shopping Mall.”  You may know it as the "DG" – aka the “Dollar General” or plain old “Dollar Store”.

And it’s days like today where a trip there and a few bucks, can keep the kids occupied with some fun activities from the Rock It Like A Mom blog.

There's other options as well: Check out the ton of cool fun toys, gizmos, activities and books at the Towne Store. There's loads of kids’ books at the library. And don’t forget Schroon’s Secret Candy store inside the Schroon Pharmacy. Find 45 cool ideas from Rock It Like A Mom 's indoor activities and crafts blog in our Kids and Family section.