Bikes, Chickens and Lobsters

 It's going to be one of those great latest summer weekends here in Schroon, with so much to do --  And it's all outdoors.

Saturday the annual Schroon Lake Fish and game club chicken and lobster bake will occupy a large part of the day for many folks at the club's headquarters off of Hoffman Road.

The roast chicken and lobster dinners have SOLD OUT, but there’s plenty of great grub to be had:  from dogs and hamburgers, sausages and peppers, corn on the cob and other assorted great eats. 

They will be served all day, as will frosty cold adult beverages. And there’s a ton of fun for the kids with a moon bounce,  lively games of horseshoe toss, and don’t forget to whip out the Frisbee. ALL ARE WELCOME. Get there early and taste Drew Hanchett’s amazing barbecued pork. Chicken and Lobsters are served starting around 1:30 pm!

The day is a great way to catch up with friends and neighbors who you may have missed over the busy summer months. For some, (like me) the day starts early, when Joe Steiniger's chicken crew fires up the grills and tend to those birds, gently sprinkling them with Joe's secret rub. For the next several hours our mighty crew stands watch over those birds, making sure they are delicious in every way.

Meanwhile, those hard-working lobster lads will be boiling up some water to throw in a few crustaceans and some corn.

    Submitted photo


Submitted photo

On Sunday, bike riders from all over the world to descend upon Schroon Early to get ready for the annual 1-Eye Classic. With rides of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty, there is literally something for everybody. From just over a two mile loop to 60 mile plus rides, take you time and enjoy the scenery and conversations with your fellow riders. Starting at around 2 pm there’s a massive party in the town park. The atmosphere is laid back, with folks bringing and enjoying lots of food, fun and festivities.

Click here for all the details. And, you can register on the day.

And if you want to find out the history of how the 1-Eye came to be, click here.