Support For Schroon’s New Proposed Library

There has been a lively discussion over on the official Schroon Lake Face Book page on the topic of the proposed Town Hall expansion, which includes a new library.  The Town board will vote on the issue on September 14, Public comments will be heard before the vote.

What are your thoughts on the proposed expansion? Let us know in our comment section. Meanwhile, we are publishing a letter from Mary Ellen Bernhardt, a summer resident from Colorado, on why she believes the new library is important.

To: Schroon Lake Town Board: I am urging the Schroon Lake Town Board to approve funding for the agreed upon plan to increase the physical size of The Schroon Lake Library at your September 14, 2015 meeting. For many years, I have come to Schroon Lake summer/fall for one to two months – staying with a close friend who is a Schroon Lake resident. During my stays here, I make frequent use of the library. Your town has one of the finest libraries in the area. The staff is friendly and helpful, there is access to a wide range of digital and print material, there are computers available (with help as needed), there are children's programs, book discussion groups, and much more! Visit the website to give you an idea of what your library offers.

The library, however, is very restricted due to the small area the town provides. While there is enough funding to purchase up-to-date books and other library materials, there is simply NOT ENOUGH SPACE to put any more. There is ONE table for folks to sit at to read or work on computers. And it is impossible for people to look for books near the table, or for the staff to shelve materials. People have to squeeze by the table to get to other bookshelves and the computers. There is a TINY children's area, making it almost impossible for children to sit and read, much less an adult to sit and read to them. The staff work area and storage space is CRAMMED making organization of the area a monumental task.

I ask each of you how often you go to this library. I urge you all to visit YOUR town library and see for yourself what your wonderful library staff is dealing with in order to provide the services any public library should provide. 

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the September 14th meeting, as I will be heading back to Colorado. But I STRONGLY urge you to vote FOR bonds to fund the project to build the agreed upon addition to the town building. This will enable folks, including Friends of the Schroon Lake Library, to apply for grants and seek additional funding for this crucial project. Surely you all want the best for your wonderful town, and having an acceptable amount of space would enable you to have a library to be proud of. Thank you for your attention.