Trainwreck Still On the Tracks at The Strand


After a minor tech glitch earlier this week, Strand owner Larry McNamara is extending the movie Trainwreck through Sunday night. A reminder, this is an adult film, rated R, but it's hilarious. Just how funny? Here is a review from Schroon Laker Emily Rossi-Snook

"OK, so I finally go to the Strand to see a movie this season (sorry, but I'm not a fan of the blow 'em up genre) to see "Trainwreck". I haven't laughed that hard at a movie since I saw "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming" at the Paramount Theater. And how many of us can say they remember that? Anyway, I'm also not a fan of the sophomoric humor movies (that's why I didn't see "Bridesmaides") but this is not that! Very, very funny movie (don't go late; you don't want to miss the opening scene where the dad is explaining divorce to the kids). Don't bring the kids: it is rated R; hey, guys: don't think it's a "chick flick". Lebron James (did I spell it right?) is hilarious!"