Why We Love Our Lake Houses

With a mere 119 days to summer, we are sharing with you a fun blog post reminding all of those who have a lake house, the reasons we LOVE having a lake house. From The Odyssey Online’s Rebecca Bowen:

"There is nothing more magical than spending time at a lake house. Whether your family had one for the Summer or you grew up in a year round lake house, you understand how special time spent in a house on the lake shore is. Summers spent on the lake were the place where childhood fairy-tales took shape and set the stage for the memories of a lifetime. My parents got engaged in a row boat, my pier was where my grandpa taught me to fish with kernels of corn, and my boat is the place I feel the most at peace. Relaxation and laughter are results of the best lake house experiences.

Lake life is the best life, whether its just during the Summer or all year round. Here are 12 things anyone who has or grew up with a lake house can relate to."

 It’s a fun read, right here.