Schroon Lake: The Arts Capitol Of The North Country

Painting by  Sandra Hildreth . All Rights Reserved.

Painting by Sandra Hildreth. All Rights Reserved.

It’s been nothing short of a bonza season at Anthony Ruiz’s Giant Mountain Studio this summer, with an awesome selection of works by Adirondack artists.

The works of several artists who have made Schroon Lake the focus of their art has particularly impressed us.

Saturday night marks the opening reception of Anthony’s latest show, "Texture, Depth and Color (August 13) from6 pm- 8 pm.

From Anthony;

“One of the new paintings delivered by Adirondack Paintings by Sandra Hildreth to Giant Mountain Studio …Sandra has also painted a number of local scenes including the beach at Schroon Lake, Alder Creek, Gull Pond and Spectacle Brook.”

Then there are various pieces by Anne Diggory, including this one, below.


Among the many talented artists featured at Giant Mountain Studios is the work of Leavitt. Merrell is known for her  jewelry and larger sculptural works. On display at  Giant Mountain Studio is a copper owl, a table with copper heron and sterling frog. There's also an outdoor sculpture including a Canada goose.

Check out this  Adirondack Rustic TV Cabinet by Tom Benware. …It regularly gets wows from visitors who see the cabinet open to reveal a hidden television and beautiful drawers and storage space.