RockN'Cycle Fitness Cycling Keeps Rockin’ On

Just how popular are RockN'Cycle Fitness Cycling’s classes? So much that they will continue on “with no hiatus”,  we hear from co-owner Wendy Ryan. More from Wendy:

“We’ll have a schedule that will be similar to last winter’s schedule. We heard from you and we are listening ... several folks have reached out and asked that we continue classes.

“Now we have faith that EVERYONE will support this re-decision and support Kim and Terri by participating in classes. Plus, we have heard from some folks that sign-ups are preferred to enhance commitment. You've got it! Sign-ups for classes start October. 7th through Linda once again at Schedule starting October. 9th:  5:30PM Monday & Thursday; 9AM Saturday".

Got questions? Email Wendy at For more information about RockN’Cycle Fitness Cycling Classes, click here.