Thanksgiving in Schroon and Beyond


If you are here in greater Schroon right about now, you are blessed. If you are heading here, you also fall under that umbrella. If you are on the fence about coming here, what are you waiting for? Thanksgiving in Schroon rocks!

AAA says that this season's Thanksgiving travel will be the heaviest for travelers in 12 years. They expect nearly 51 million total travelers, 45.5 million driving, while 4 million will fly to their destinations.

This year's Thanksgiving gas prices are the highest since 2014, with the national average at $2.53.

And we know of many headed to Schroon: college kids home for the break, family visiting relatives and second home owners itching to sit by a roaring fire, forgetting about their lives as Flatlanders.

There’s a fireside Thanksgiving at Sticks & Stones, a dinner hosted by Helen at the Timberwolf for all folks and Black Friday sales.

On T-Day, in downtown, old faithful, The Timberwolf, will be open from 11 am  to 11 pm. Helen -- Schroon Lake Citizen of the Year --  and her Timberwolf staff, offer a community meal every Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter. Helen has an open door policy during these holidays, and anyone that is alone is welcome to join Helen and her family for dinner at no cost. The Turkey Buffet starts at 3 pm.

At Sticks and Stones, a proud sponsor of, Steve and Gary and their staff will be turning out an amazing traditional Thanksgiving Day Menu, all for the affordable price of $27.99.

Starting at 2pm, get ready for the area’s best soup or salad to start, Herb Roasted Stuffed Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, a veggie and a choice of dessert. The dining extravaganza goes to 9pm. In addition, their regular menu is available.


And do not stress if you need any last minute items for your table. Schroon Lake Wine & Liquor will be open Thanksgiving Day, from 10am-3pm, for an amazing selection of wines and hand crafted spirits. At the Dollar General, 7am - 8 pm, grab some fall theme decorating items. The Tops Market, 7am- 5pm, will take care of any last minute grocery items and Stewarts, 5am - 11 pm, should be a go to for their world famous apple pie ice-cream.

All other eateries and business (as far as we know) will be enjoying the holiday off. If you know otherwise, leave us a message in our comment section.