Big Open Mic Night at Witherbee’s Thursday

The last of this year’s Open Mic Nights at Witherbee’s is tonight at the famous roadhouse. Emcee Mark Piper, tells us that the owners are taking a winter break. So there’s sure to be a big crowd at the upstairs bar.

In the meantime,  Mark has fallen head over heels for a new love: his cigar box guitar. From Mark:

“It’s a real cool thing. I have been investigating them for a few months and decide to buy one. It is hand made in the USA. I love it, and have converted all my songs. The one I own was made by Rob Wroble, in Florida. It is made out of a Le Voyage cigar box. I have a FB page devoted to my playing it. There is a huge sub culture.”

Meanwhile, the Thursday night crew are investigating a new venue for this classic Schroon tradition.