Schroon Election Results


Another election (and chicken and biscuits dinner!) is in the books, and those candidates running in Schroon were all re-elected. And because this is Schroon Lake, there’s always an interesting twist. In this year’s Town Board election, it was the number of folks who voted for Don Miller, a write in candidate.

Meanwhile, Tammy Whitty-Brown, the executive director of the Schroon Lake area Chamber of Commerce, failed in her bid to win a town board seat in her native North Hudson.

A referendum issue – which affects many towns in the Adirondack Park -- passed. It involves the use of a land bank, which can be tapped into, to allow towns to carry out – among other things – road and bridge improvements, which encroach on protected land. You can get a full download of how this works, from the good folks at Adirondack Explorer, by clicking here.

You can access all of the Essex County election results, by clicking here.