The Long Wait For Schroon's High Speed Internet Getting Shorter?

Slic Networks, the company who won  the contract to bring high speed internet to the greater Schroon area, has hit the "make-ready process". Woot, Woot! From SLIC:

"We are one step closer to bringing high speed internet to Schroon Lake! What is make ready? It is the process of preparing the utility poles so we can attach our fiber optic lines. In some cases it is as simple as moving the existing wires to make space for our cable; in other cases, the entire pole needs to be replaced to allow us to add our cable and still have enough clearance for safety. In all, Slic will be attaching to over 1400 poles in the Schroon Lake/North Hudson area. 300+ of them need some work done and another 124 will be completely replaced. You'll see trucks with the Northline Power markings on them - they are our contractors for this portion of the job. Give them a wave when you drive by! We will continue to post updates as work continues. If you have any questions or concerns, message us here or call us at 877-754-2266".

This is all part of a grant awarded  waaaay back in 2013: 

$2,162,656 Schroon Lake Next Generation Broadband

"This project with Slic Network Solutions will serve the North Country region. Slic Networks Solutions will provide high-speed, low-cost broadband service to 457 households in the unserved areas of the Town of Schroon and the Town of North Hudson. This service will be delivered utilizing fiber to the home technology. Slic will also provide wireless hot spots for frequently visited public locations including the public beach in Schroon Lake".