Schroon’s 2018 Memorial Day Weekend Festivities


You can hear them coming from the Flatlands – those second and seasonal homeowners barreling up the Northway to exit 27. It’s the unofficial start of “the season” and the return of the summer people. That’s when the ring of the cash registers gets a little louder, beer sales at Paradox increase as the temperatures rise, restaurants hire their seasonal workers, happy smiling faces from the Caribbean man the registers at Tops and The Strand theater fires up its new digital projector.

Happy Memorial Day. The weekend kicks off tonight with Open Mic night at Witherbee’s Carriage House, where the season’s first lobster is front and center on the menu. At Sticks and Stones, their gorgeous outdoor dining area is at the ready for the crowds who will be at their first Cruise "IN" is tonight. The fun runs from 4:30 pm to Dusk.

This weekend there’s a HUGE book sale at the Schroon Lake Library’s bookstore annex, in the basement of the Hudson Headwaters Building at the back of the Town Hall.  The Town of Schroon Lions Club Garage Sale at the Boathouse is this Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

And a whole lot more. Get out there and go for it!