Locking Up Memories

Every Friday night each summer, there's a real rodeo in town that is a must for everyone!  It's a trip back to the wild west, where you'll see kids (and adults) wearing cowboy boots and western gear : It's at the Word of Life Ranch Rodeo.

Before the rodeo begins, there's a Family Fun Hour. There's face painting for kids, a bounce house, a playground and a petting zoo, a.k.a the Rodeo Zoo. This is not your typical petting zoo. Kids (and adults) get to mingle with the animals in a large pen. The petting zoo is run by Schroon Lakers Ann and Dan Hay.

Be sure to visit he small Wild West town, with its general store for western gear and souvenirs. There are awesome snacks,  featuring the famous Rodeo Burger .

Throughout the family fun hour, the rodeo's announcers are counting down the start time. At 8pm sharp, the rodeo began. There was a parade of flags before the crowd, made up of locals, tourists, campers from the WOL Ranch, nearby Family Campground and WOL Inn. The crowd is divided into Blue and Red fans, cheering on the rodeo riders who are divided into Blue and Red teams.

For the next hour the riders on each team put themselves and their horses through a series of races, skill courses and herding challenges. Everyone leaves with big smiles.

Where and When. The Rodeo is located on Route 9 in Pottersville. It runs every Friday night until the end of August. For directions, click here

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