First Kayaks On The Lake?

Photo Credit: Judy Batson

While we’ve spotted a few boats zipping up and down the lake this weekend, we are pretty sure we were among the first – if not the very first – to put in our kayaks Friday and take advantage of the warm sun kissed afternoon.

We put in just south of Witherbee’s and paddled across to a sandy beach on the east side of the lake, enjoyed a few moments improving our tans, before heading back. The wind made our return a slightly choppy ride. And if your venturing out so early in the season, make sure you are wearing a life preserver, ABC "Anything But Cotton" and be extremely mindful of just how cold the water temperature is.

If you don't, the consequences can be deadly, warns John Warren, of the Adirondack Almanack

And finally this week, a reminder that everyone in boats under 21 feet in length, regardless of age, are required by state law to wear a personal flotation device through May 1st. While daytime temperatures may reach into the 50s, waters temperatures remain in the mid to lower 30s and the danger of hypothermia and drowning from falling into cold water is elevated.

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