Welcome Trail Break at Schroon Lake

Trail Break at Schroon Lake open for lunch and Dinner

Trail Break at Schroon Lake open for lunch and Dinner

The wait is finally over: Schroon’s newest restaurant and bar “Trail Break at Schroon Lake” is officially open for business. Their location is the former site of Drakes, which in recent years has experienced good and not so good times. After a two day “soft opening” TB@SL’s hours are:

*Sun-Thurs 11:30 am to 10 pm

Fri-Sat 11:30 am to 11 pm

And a huge welcome and congrats to entrepreneurs Barry Pitkin and Teal Smith-Pitkin.

The Trail Break at Schroon Lake crew. Photo credit: Juiia Pitkin-Shantz

The Trail Break at Schroon Lake crew. Photo credit: Juiia Pitkin-Shantz

They purchased the property in 2018 and have been in renovation overdrive transforming the restaurant, bar and motel rooms until just a few days ago. The bar features 20 taps and a new menu, which we’ll have more details on in the days ahead. What’s different about TB@SL is that unlike Drake’s, the y are opening for lunch and dinner.

And for electric car drivers there’s an electric car charging station – the only one for 40 miles. Watch this space for more information in the days ahead.

EV Charging Station

EV Charging Station

First Kayaks On The Lake?

Photo Credit: Judy Batson

While we’ve spotted a few boats zipping up and down the lake this weekend, we are pretty sure we were among the first – if not the very first – to put in our kayaks Friday and take advantage of the warm sun kissed afternoon.

We put in just south of Witherbee’s and paddled across to a sandy beach on the east side of the lake, enjoyed a few moments improving our tans, before heading back. The wind made our return a slightly choppy ride. And if your venturing out so early in the season, make sure you are wearing a life preserver, ABC "Anything But Cotton" and be extremely mindful of just how cold the water temperature is.

If you don't, the consequences can be deadly, warns John Warren, of the Adirondack Almanack

And finally this week, a reminder that everyone in boats under 21 feet in length, regardless of age, are required by state law to wear a personal flotation device through May 1st. While daytime temperatures may reach into the 50s, waters temperatures remain in the mid to lower 30s and the danger of hypothermia and drowning from falling into cold water is elevated.

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Hoffman Notch Fishing: Access For All

Don Sage, the President of the Schroon Lake Fish and Game Club, is making a passionate plea to reopen to off road vehicles the old trials leading to the ponds of Bailey, Marion, Big and North.

In a letter to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, published on February 23, Sage says that opening the old roads in the Hoffman Notch area will not only allow sportsmen to have easier access, but will also make the NY DEC compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Hoffman Notch should be more accessible

To The editor:

Re: Hoffman unit access:

As the state Adirondack Park Agency and Department of Environmental Conservation look to expand the use of the Hoffman area, we, the sportsmen, request designated routes to the fishing ponds be opened for off-road vehicles. Roads already exist to these ponds: Bailey, Marion, Big and North. DEC policy of denying boats left at these ponds, forcing anglers to carry in and carry out each day, greatly reduces their time to fish. Early morning and late afternoon fishing will not be allowed as time must be spent lugging prams, rowboats, etc., back and forth, in and out daily. The establishing of a designated corridor following the old town roads for off-road vehicles will allow the anglers to spend more time enjoying their sport.

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Schroon Lake To Mother Nature: Bring It!

With the potential for up to a foot of snow, rest assured that your reliable town Highway Department is at the ready to give back as good as it gets from Ma Nature.

That’s the message from councilman Roger Friedman, who we spoke with late Wednesday at the very beginning stages of the storm.

“It’s been flaking all day, with nothing sticking, but the best is yet to come. We are bracing for a long snowy couple of days.” Roger told us.

And the Highway Department is primed and ready.

“One of the miracles of Schroon Lake ever since I have been here is the Highway Department and their ability to clear the roads, no matter if it's inches or feet”.

Roger, an avid skier, says the smart money is on skiers from the area all assembling Friday at 8.30 am at the gondola at Gore Mountain, for the first run of the day.

“With the amount of snow that’s predicted, it’s going to be a glorious day. I urge everyone take a day off Friday and come ski."