Schroon Lake's Big Ass Steak


We all had the craving. While we’d done our share of  burgers and chicken on the barbecue, we were all hanging for a thick, juicy steak. Where could we be satiated?

Witherbee’s Carriage House, where we soon realized the beef lover won’t be disappointed -- but rewarded!. For a while, we’ve been hearing about the famous Witherbee’s “Big Ass Steak” – a humungous 32 ounce certified Angus Top Sirloin char grilled bad boy.

The menu describes it as steak for two, or “One Bubba”. Could my wife Annette and I even make a dent in this thing? On behalf of all steak lovers, we’d give it out best shot.

We ordered the steak rare. The “Big Ass” comes covered with caramelized onions and mushrooms. It’s served with a soup or salad for two and potato and fresh veggie of the day.

Our kids and my parents all opted for the Witherbee’s Top Sirloin, an 8 ounce cut char grilled to your liking.

A short time after our appetizers – salad for me and New England Clam Chowder for Annette, she described as “delicious” -- the “Big Ass” was delivered by our waitress Patty (the “other one”, not the owner).

That thing was huge! “Anyone ever finish one of these?” I asked Patty?.

“We had three guys come in and they each ordered it. Only one finished it,” Patty said.

Annette took the first bite of a large piece. “Wow. Mushroom and oniony and succulent and juicy,” she said. “Unabashedly rare.”

Indeed, the kitchen delivered us an extraordinary tasty and juicy cut of meat. I cut a large section off, and savored every tasty mouthful. The endorphins were on overload.

When you are craving a steak and you get something this good, you say to yourself: “There is no way I could ever be a vegetarian.”

The veggie of the day was green beans with almonds and roasted potatoes. Both very good. So did we finish that cow?

No – there is so much steak there, you can get your fill and take home leftovers for either a steak salad or sandwich. We think the “Big Ass” is a very good deal at $38.95 for two people (which could actually feed three!).

The rest of the family who ordered the 8 ounce Witherbee’s Top Sirloin at $16.95, also had high praise.

“That’s as good as any steak I’ve ever had,” my dad said.

Witherbee’s Carriage House 581 US Route 9. 518-532-9595.