What's Smokin' in Schroon?

Before you even set foot in Schroon Lake’s newest barbecue mecca -- Mr P’s Mountain Smokehouse --  you ‘ll probably get a hint of what awaits you as the sweet smell of burning oak wafts from the giant smoker out back.

Once inside you’ll be greeted by either the affable Mr P, Chef Shelby or a smiling server who will walk you through their extensive menu. After a long drive from down south, we were ravenous. We settled for a full slab of St Louis Ribs, served with their signature blue cheese coleslaw and spoon bread ($18), a half smoked chicken with fries ($17) and a pulled pork sandwich with a side of hazelnut green beans. ($12)

The ribs –smoked with a dry rub - were meaty and not greasy or fatty. “There’s a lot here to chew on the bone,” my wife Annette said. There was more than enough on the large slab to feed Annette and my mum.

My dad’s chicken was smoky and moist, with the smoke done just right. There was a lot on his plate, so we all sampled. 

My pulled pork sandwich was simply stunning on its own – not too dry with just the right amount of fat  -- and once I added some of the house barbecue sauce, the “Sweet Smokey Satisfaction Sauce”, I was in heaven.

While everything that comes out of the smoker gets star billing, it’s the sides that really got our attention. The coleslaw is nothing like we’ve ever tasted. Mr P’s serves it with blue cheese and the combination tang of the slaw and cheese makes this memorable. The spoon bread is crumbly and moist with whole corn kernels topped with a rasher of smoked bacon. True to its name, you have to eat it with a spoon.

And as we were licking our fingers, finishing up, our waitress offered us a sample of smoked salmon with a chipotle cream cheese on a just baked gluten free wafter. Yummy. Sadly, we didn’t even have room for dessert.

The restaurant – opened just two days when we visited – is owned by Chris Palmetier and Shelby Davis. Most everything is gluten free (just ask) and Chef Shelby is planning on expanding her gluten free baked goodies. This is a very welcome addition to Schroon's dining options and sure to be a popular destination for locals and the summer crowd.

Mr P’s Mountain Smokehouse. 1106 Route 9.  Two doors up from The Strand cinema. 518 532-4300. Open year round.