Curry In A Hurry: Spicing It Up In Schroon

Hot on the heels of Schroon’s first ever pop up restaurant   -- when Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse became a Thai Dining Palace – those creative chefs Shelby and Chris are once again shaking up taste buds with an Indian Night.

Simply put – this concept is amazing and Schroon is lucky to have such visionaries.

Joining in the kitchen will be globe trotting chef, Jennifer Gregory, a Schroon Laker who you will also find in the kitchen of the Copperfield In Resort in North Creek.

This coming Wednesday (October 24), the ol’ smokehouse will become a Taj Majal of sorts, when the flavors of Tandoori and various curries will waft down Main Street.

Chef Shelby shot us off an email to catch us up with how the big night is shaping up:

Plans for Indian night are going well.  Guest chef Jennifer Gregory will be joining us again to help in the kitchen, and we’ve made our shopping trek to the Asian & Indian supermarkets in Albany for authentic ingredients. 

As with Thai night, we’re getting a good mix of people who have tried the cuisine before and know exactly what they would like, to a few adventurous souls who are sampling it for the first time.  

Just so the chefs know how much food to prepare, it’s essential you place your orders in advance. You can check out the menu here and you must place your orders by Sunday, October 21st. Fore more info you can call 518 532-4300 or stop by Mr. P's this weekend.

Where and When: Wednesday, October 24, 2012. Mr P's Mountain Smokehouse. 1106 Route 9  -- opposite the Grand Union  -- just up from The Strand Theater. (518) 532-4300