Spam And The Strand

Larry McNamara, owner of the Strand Theater, just loves Spam.

In fact on many occasions visiting his neighbors, Chris and Shelby at Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse, he’s simply ask for a Spam sandwich.

“We used to make a joke of it,” Shelby told Schroon Laker today.

“Larry’s favorite meal is grilled spam or fried spam and Tater tots”.

“He’s a spam aficionado, he knows spam trivia, and he has spam collector items.”

So when Shelby and Chris wanted to do their part in helping Save The Strand, it was a natural that they’d develop a sandwich, featuring, you guessed it, Spam.

So Chris smoked the Spam, Shelby made a special pineapple barbecue sauce. The sandwich comes with pulled pork on a Kaiser Roll. And of course there’s a side of Tater Tots.

It’s $12 and $5 of each sandwich goes to the Save The Strand Fund. This special runs for the month of November, so what are you waiting for?