Sticks And Stones: Scrambled or Over Easy?

In all of our culinary travels, there's one meal we always look forward to: Breakfast/Brunch.
It's the one meal that offers so many contrasts in taste and texture: from sweet, to spicy to salty -- creamy to crisp -- you just can't go wrong.

Now, eating out in Schroon is a whole lot more interesting with Sticks and Stones serving three meals a day!

The breakfast menu has something for everybody, with several items in particular we've never seen in  Schroon: authentic, NYC Zabar's Bagels, wood fired cinnamon rolls and a breakfast pizza: egg washed dough, topped with cheese, maple sausage, home fried potatoes, and 2 eggs over easy. Yowser!

There are more than a dozen starters and mains, which you can add any number of extras to, making the  combinations almost endless!

Breakfast is served everyday from 8:30am to Noon. You can check out their full menu here